Sweaty Betty Foundation

The Sweaty Betty Foundation’s mission is to empower women and girls from every background to get active, and stay active, for life. We’re an independent registered charity working across the UK and US.

Our focus will be on girls who are the least active, who face the biggest barriers to being active. We’ll focus on girls from lower income families and ethnically diverse communities, as well as girls with disabilities and LGBTQ+ young people.

Globally, only 15% of teenage girls are doing enough physical activity. The changes to girls’ bodies, and their confidence, caused by puberty is the biggest reason.

Our Work

Our focus is supporting girls at school, online and in their communities – so that they can discover the ways they love to get active.


We’re empowering girls to enjoy getting active at school every day, in and outside of physical education lessons.


We’re supporting grassroots organisations to develop new physical activities with teenage girls in their local communities.


We’re developing digital tools to help girls feel more confident about their bodies and being active.

How you can help

Support our mission with a donation.